Codex Course at Michigan State University

Codex Alimentarius (The Food Code) is a course is taught by Neal D. Fortin, Director and Assistant Professor of the Institute for Food Laws & Regulations at Michigan State University, with guest lectures from representatives in Codex Alimentarius, WHO, WTO, the World Bank, the food industry, a developing country, and a consumer organization. Codex Alimentarius is a global reference point for food producers, food processors, consumers, national food control agencies, and for international trade. Codex formulates and harmonizes food standards and ensures their global implementation. Codex has food standards for commodities (237), codes for hygiene or technological practice (41); guidelines for contaminants (25); and has evaluations on pesticides (185), food additives (1,005), veterinary drugs (54); and limits for pesticide residues (3,274).

Enrollment is now open for the winter term offering of the course: