U.S. Codex Meeting: Processed Fruits and Vegetables

U.S. Delegates to Codex committees schedule public meetings prior to their committee meetings to inform the public about the meeting agenda and proposed U.S. positions on the issues. During these public meetings delegates also receive comments from interested parties on Codex issues.

Public Meetings

Codex Committee



Processed Fruits and Vegetables (CCPFV)

Aug 14, 2008
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Room 2068, South Building
1400 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20250


Karen Hulebak Elected Chair of CODEX Alimentarius Commission

U.S. Department Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer announced that Dr. Karen Hulebak, a chief scientist for USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), has been elected to serve a two-year term as Chair of the prestigious Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), the international food standards organization. The announcement was made on July 1 in Geneva, Switzerland, during the 31st Session of the CAC.


"We are pleased that Dr. Hulebak was elected to this important position," said USDA Secretary Ed Schafer. "With a distinguished career in food science and food safety and a long association with Codex, I cannot think of a better choice to lead the organization."


Prior to her election as Chair, Dr. Hulebak served as the organization's Vice Chair and Chair of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene - both positions in which she gained respect for her ability to build consensus throughout the world on important food standard issues.


"Dr. Hulebak's inclusive approach to leadership, coupled with an outstanding background in food safety make her an excellent choice and an excellent leader for Codex," said Dr. Raymond. "I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Hulebak on Codex issues, and I am certain that under her leadership, the Commission will continue its commitment to science-based decision-making and standard-setting."


Codex adopts 35 international food standards

Laura Crowley, FoodProductiondaily.com (08-Jul-2008)

Thirty-five new international food standards were adopted during last week's 31st session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, including guidelines on the use of flavourings and gluten-free products. For complete article, click here.